Aerial Photography and Admissions Marketing

Ford Complex

One aspect of a campus photo shooting that gets little mention is aerial photos.  A well timed and executed aerial shoot can get some very strong imagery that tells a lot about the beauty of a campus.

Aerial shoots are not a cost prohibitive venture.  They can be integrated into even a one day shooting schedule.  Most private airfields and a good number of public airports have some form of flight service and the cost is quite reasonable for a small high-wing plane.  A helicopter can also be used but it comes at a cost that is much higher, but the resulting images can be worth the additional expense.

At least once a year I’m called to do an aerial assignment.  Interactive campus maps depend upon current aerial photos.  If you plan correctly you can make both happen and get some real value for the effort.

The image above was taken from a small plane and is a keystone image for the institution.  The clearing fog was the true bonus of this picture.

Paul O’Mara

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  1. This photos shows the importance of getting up there early and capturing morning light plus the moisture in the air. Beautiful Shot!!!

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