The Fall Campus Photo Shoot Planner

University of West Virginia fall color campus river and mountains
WVU main campus, late afternoon in the fall.


It is always a bit of a gamble when you commit to a Fall Higher Ed Photo Shoot . Everything from weather to the school calendar come into play. Now it is possible to narrow down one of the factors, peak fall color, thanks to technology.

The 2018 peak fall color predictor came out this week. This interactive map provides approximate dates for peak leaf color as fall progresses from north to south in the United States. It is a fascinating visualization of summer being pushed down by cooler weather.

The fall photo shoot is an important one. Colleges and Universities are alive with energy. The personality of the institution is on full display and ripe for photography. Hope that the fall color predictor takes a little of the guess work out of the planning.


Paul OMara


One thought on “The Fall Campus Photo Shoot Planner

  1. Thanks for your post. You had me with your WVU campus image. Your text caught the sense of autumn potential. We don’t have significant foliage color in Southern CA, yet it is here to be found in pockets of seasonal change. Always looking to discover ways to connect seasonal color with incoming students’ life changes.

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