Why the Third Floor?

I guess I’m pretty fortunate.  I do college admissions photography work at some of the most stunning campuses in the country.  The Princeton Review will back me up on that.  But it dawned on me the other day as I stood in front of a college admin. building, I’ve got to go to the third floor… again. 

This is an interesting phenomenon in my book.  Many of these colleges and universities have been around for a long time,  Old former residences get pressed into service for college administrators I’m sure for practical reasons, but since these offices receive visitors, they also serve a more subtle purpose.  These buildings are greeting places.  The foyer of an institution is that old house on campus. 

Harmonious architecture is the general rule on any campus.  The new blends with the old.  The institutional traditions are played out with its buildings.  But it’s that house on campus, you know, where the college admissions office is, that seems so interesting.  Walking up three flights of stairs is never a chore.  Once up there the compass gets set and instead of exiting the building, you enter the campus.


Paul O’Mara   www.photomara.com

Some recent work is now posted on Flickr.  along with coverage of a college prep school ecology trip to Costa Rica this spring  http://www.flickr.com/photos/25356498@N05/