Every college and university has a unique personality

The great and worthwhile challenge of showing the uniqueness of a college campus is the top priority of my Admissions and Higher Ed. Photography.  If I follow my instincts on a campus, I’ll find something that the shoot list never mentions.

Physically no two are the same.  That’s fairly straightforward when you look over a campus.  The prominent buildings and landmarks help define the externals of an institution.  Academic strengths factor strongly into the personality of a college or university.  Dynamic faculty usually abound there along with students eager to gain their knowledge. 

Colleges and universities are communities.  When college applicants really look deep at an institution, the majority of applicants are looking at that community and how they will fit in.  This goes back to my previous posting on my daughter’s college search.  Her interest in a school was guided initally by visuals.  The schools which successfully, or at least for her, got her interest did so because the search piece revealed something  visually which appealed to her. 

The personality of colleges and universities are as unique.  How do you stand out?

Dig deep, beyond what you see on the surface.  Show that and they will find you.


Paul O’Mara Digital