Under promise and over deliver

I have a local college client who has asked me to help them put together a Book of Majors.  This is not the first time I’ve done this, but it is the first time that I had the luxury of time (throughout the entire school year) and the ability to schedule shooting around interesting subject matter. 

We narrowed it down to 26 majors and armed with a campus directory I started picking at it beginning last October.  I am now down to my last two or three and looking back over this project I realized what a gift it was to have gone through this.  I have had time to think and plan.  I could scout a class or lab and many times make eye-to-eye contact with the faculty member I was to photograph before the shoot.  But it’s the results which have been most pleasing. 

All of this will be added to the institutions photo database, becoming a powerful resource for the coming year.  A new agency was hired this year to do some re-branding and the usual menu of publications there so this gives the Admissions Marketing portion of those publications: Search pieces, website and Viewbook a solid start even before the art director hits campus.

The best news for me and the college is that it is some of the best work I’ve done in classroom settings.  This has much to do with their faith in my abilities and trusting that I would produce a great product for them with a little flexiblility on both sides. 

A selection of that effort will be added to my website www.photomara.com


Paul O’Mara




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