Higher Ed. and Admissions Marketing Photography



When you hire a photographer who specializes in higher education, have a list of subject matter to be covered, by the time the project begins.  But do leave some time in the schedule for unscripted shooting.  It is amazing what great visual surprises come from an early morning or late afternoon walk across campus.

The message is the institution.  The beauty of the campus, the success of the students and faculty, the culture of the college or university should be illustrated through the shoot.  The temptation to “do it all” can lead to less relevant content.  A solid idea of what you want to accomplish and a photographer who keeps their “radar” on is a strong combination.

Talk to the photographer about the institution  then let them bring it to life.  The limited time a photographer has on a campus should be viewed as an opportunity.  Ultimately the institution will share the riches of the college or university with those interested.  The photographer helps form the impression.  If you choose someone experienced in higher education photography, you are likely to gain a partner who is determined to show  the great qualities of the school.

Paul O’Mara