Tell A GOOD Story

Biology lab professor and assistants
TTU students in Dr. Iyotsna Sharma’s orchid lab.

Higher education marketing seems to be coming around to understanding the benefits of telling true stories well to support admissions, as noted by Michael Stoner recently in his Inside Higher Ed piece, “Challenge for Liberal Arts Communicators: Telling True Stories Well”, it is time to put data aside and follow the heart.

While Stoner focuses on Liberal Arts in this piece, what he says applies to all Higher Ed communicators: Tell a good story. Colleges and universities are live, learning communities. Find and tell those stories about students being challenged, faculty who inspire deeper understanding and the many ways students grow and in turn make deeper connections with their learning.

The stories are out there. Just be sure to tell them well.

Above: Texas Tech operates an Orchid research lab on the high plains of west Texas. One of the many surprises I discovered while photographing the Lubbock flagship campus.