Higher Ed, You’ve been Warned

College History Class
Associate Professor of Goverment Michael Bailey working with groups on team projects.

Gallop yesterday released a study of more than 50 higher education institutions mission and purpose only to find more similarities than differentiators regardless of size. The need for institutions to strategically rethink their purpose, brand and culture is on the top of this study’s suggestion list.

What’s clear is that following the pack is a dead end for recruitment. When I get on a college campus, I want to know what makes it tick, what is it’s personality. At times I am asked to capture scenes or moments which reflect similarities to images I’ve seen before. Will I shoot them? Yes. But will they be effective? Most likely not. I always carve out time to find things on my own. My greatest satisfaction comes when those found settings give my clients a new way of seeing their institution. Just ask my clients.