It’s Time to Shake Things Up

fujifilm xpro1 and nikon d700 cameras

This post is a bit different from what I normally discuss, so if camera gear ain’t your cup of coffee, don’t fear, this will be short and sweet. We’ll get back to normal shortly.

Over the summer I took on a personal photography project: Dirt Track Stock Car Racing. I shot the entire project with a Leica film camera. Sounds were captured with a small digital audio recorder. During the last week of the year it was published on Roads and Kingdoms,  a wonderfully interesting publication. The small, quiet Leica allowed me to get close without drawing too much attention. Capturing sound added another dimension to the story.

As a result, I am adding a Fujifilm XPro1 camera to my bag. It has many similarities to my Leica. The Fuji is an elegant solution for me  A great deal of my work involves close in work with my subjects. The XPro1 creates extraordinary image files that I am certain will please my clients. Audio on the other hand lends itself to more in-depth story telling so it’s always available for the right project, especially now that these sort of stories can be published without resorting to video formatting. Roads and Kingdoms  and ReadyMag publishing, are examples of the new generation of website platforms.

I plan to roll this out slowly but I’m looking forward to putting the Fuji to work as I continue exploring the unique cultures and personalities of Higher Education.

Paul OMara