Early-Spring Higher Ed Photography in Tucson

Tucson at sunset
Downtown Tucson with the University of Arizona “A” on Sentinel Peak at sunset

Just  delivered images from a 3-day project at the University of Arizona. A lively and vibrant campus with an exciting story to tell. It’s hard not to get fired up standing next to one of the 8 mirrors being made at the U of A Mirror Lab

American Indian pottery
Southwestern US native American pottery

I visited the pottery vault at the Arizona State Museum .

This world-class resource is incredible (if you like native American pottery). At the time of my visit the staff were selecting pieces for display for the Tucson Festival of Books.

The three-day whirlwind shoot on the U of A campus left me feeling that I was just scratching the surface of this flagship institution. This place is the Higher Ed Photographer version of being a kid in the candy store.