Make a Statement: Higher Ed Photography Projects

Paul O'Mara

I touched base recently with one of my favorite Art Directors, Brian. We got to know each other 10 years ago while working with Chatham Hall, a private girls boarding school. His agency redesigned the website for that special place in southern Virginia.

Brian has recommended me for other projects since then, notably; Northwestern Health Science University , Bloomington, MN. When an institution is ready to invest in tangible, honest visuals, my name seems to come up.  Chatham Hall still displays my work on their website. To have that kind of image staying-power makes me proud.

Now, the University of Texas-Arlington has charted a course toward their goals of becoming a major American research institution. In May, I spent a week in Arlington, TX for this project to help them define themselves to alumni and future students. It will be exciting to see how Art Director Ryan puts it all together.

Paul O’Mara Photography/Multimedia