Three And A Tree


Contained in an email I received last week:

“We’re hoping you could take the time to read Three and a Tree (it’s short and readable)…” Phew, I’m exhausted.

It’s short read if you’re not a photographer (we tend to look at big pictures and little words). But I did take the time to read Three And A Tree and I’m wiser for it. Their suggestion that higher education marketing is under-examined is certainly an understatement. The folks at 160over90 have done a great job of communicating the big, sometimes overwhelming process of defining the uniqueness of an institution and how it can be accomplished.

Three And A Tree is written with the clear voice of experience. Having been in the mix with university re-branding, I find the book’s overall observations accurate and meaningful. The complexities unique to higher education marketing are laid out in understandable terms which can benefit every institution. Any college or university administrator with even a modest desire to honestly tackle their identity should find the time to read Three And A Tree then start passing out copies to everyone else on campus.

After a long, productive conversation with 160over90’s Senior Creative Director this week, we both agreed that when selecting a photographer for a higher ed work, find someone who can see beyond a shooting list. Some actually understand that every college and university is unique and will dig hard and deep to find those distinctive visual nuggets that are essential to a school’s identity.

Paul O’Mara Photography and Multimedia