A Light Footprint and Higher Ed Photography


Armed with a solid shot list and clearance to wander about campus, it’s game-on for me. Getting close to students and faculty engaged in learning is essential, but this requires what I call a small footprint: minimizing the intrusion of the camera to let the learning happen.

Location lighting is pulled out sparingly these days. High production value, admissions photography common with what would be considered “traditional” imagery, lacks the context required to attract students today. Competition continues to increase and looks even more intense in the future to fill classrooms and dorms. Creating honest, believable photography that can express the personality and culture of YOUR institution will attract more interest from student prospects.

Spend time identifying classes, labs and student life that hallmark unique experiences and connections when planning a campus photo project. A good higher ed. photographer already understands the nuanced concerns of balance and representation. The awareness and flexibility of a small footprint photographer can have a big impact in attracting the Right Student.