An Admissions Marketing Photo Op

Terrible storms crossed the southeastern US this week.Northwest Georgiawas hit by tornados but thankfully nothing as tragic as ourAlabamaneighbors. For me it became a great opportunity.

I stopped by a local Starbucks yesterday.  Every table and chair was occupied byBerryCollegestudents studying for finals.  The storms left the campus without power but with exams beginning on Monday, they had to press on.  It was a chance to photograph students in the community.  Rather than dragging a group of kids out into town, getting them actually taking advantage of an off-campus amenity is too good to pass up.

A little later while visiting the campus, I found a biology class hovering around a downed oak tree.  The aftermath of the storms provided the professor with an opportunity for her students to better understand tree morphology and I jumped at a chance to show education in action.