Rebranding on a Small Scale

Rather than making a plan to re-brand,  as I began constructing  a new website  ” it told me”  I needed to update my imprint.   I took stock of what I wanted my branding to convey:  A reference to my photojournalism past and an informality that reflects my character.

As I went through the process I became convinced that using the most utilitarian of typefaces, Courier, in all lower case would satisfy the photojournalism part of my message.  The deep red and dark gray colors spoke to me.  They are not too bold and yet provide contrast for easy visibility.  The finishing touch was the ragged justification and uneven alignment I used in my business card.

It is important for me to create a brand/logo that could be modified for: my website, business cards, facebook, correspondence, and invoices, yet still convey a consistent brand.  Yes, the line alignment on the business card above is off-set.  Perhaps the graphic design knowledge I received from Mario Garcia at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School was not wasted.