Tradition and Admissions Marketing Photography

Thousands return to a small college to renew friendships.  The draw is tradition.  Mountain Weekend at Berry College unites multiple generations of graduates.  This is an event that is cherished by the institution and the alumni.


Illustrating those touch-points is critical as you attempt to connect with alumni AND future students.  Much of my recent work has been working with institutions reworking their image to attract students.  The most satisfying projects always make room for tradition.  The legacy of tradition is the bedrock of an institution.  How tradition is expressed visually for a 21st century audience is what counts.

To me the photo above has it all:  Tradition, unity and a broad community.  That moment has been lived out in some form since the beginning of the college.  I believe that a prospective student will look at an image like the one above and know whether they belong there or not. 


Paul O’Mara