Can FriendFeed be the Answer for Higher Ed. Marketing?’s Paul Boutin wrote about what may be the answer to what has me so twisted about the Web 2.0 world and Higher Ed. Marketing. 


“…A bunch of former Google employees—techies who worked on Gmail and Google Maps—quit their jobs to start FriendFeed, a site that rolls up the output of 43 Web 2.0 servicesonto one auto-generated page. FriendFeed is basically a custom-tailored home page for people who are obsessed with the Internet. They can create their own FriendFeed page, or you can make one for them. Then, on a single page, you can see what videos they’re watching, whom they’re chatting with, and what pictures they’ve uploaded. If they add a DVD to their Amazon wish list, you’ll be notified. The beauty of FriendFeed is that it’s fully automated and requires no prior knowledge of any of the sites it crawls. You give it a name, and it’ll take care of the rest.”

– 8/6/08

So now I get my head into their world and not be a party crasher on Facebook or any of the other hangouts where I know I’m not welcomed.  I can even make my daughter a “friend” and keep up with what she is doing.  Well, she’s 18 and I should trust her…