Branding for Higher Ed. Photography

It’s time for a change.  Last week I launched an updated version of my website.  I was having difficulty adapting the image logo from my previous site so I played around with some type fonts and threw it up on the new site.  I chose a common, simple typeface,  Courier (T1).  It seems to work with my name and it draws on my photojournalism roots.

At second glance I find that I like the change.  Not perfect but…  Perhaps I DID learn something from my graphic design professor, Mario Garcia.  Well we’ll see,  I’m not done yet.  My goal is to create a flexible yet consistent logo which will represent my “brand”.   I want it to work on my website, business cards, facebook fan page (below), or for that matter anything else I deem brandable (a new word perhaps, but it works).  Remember, higher ed. work represents the lions share of my market, but since I also do commercial and editorial work, it is important first to emphasize the photography.

I intend to modify or  ” grow”  the design as I see fit.  As long as I don’t stray from the basic “template” I’ll attempt to make this as adaptive as possible.  Stay tuned,  this should be fun.