A Year of Higher Ed. Marketing Photography Bla, Bla, Blogging


If you keep at it you’ll reach that coveted goal of blogging for a year. I was never sure if I could do it, but at the very least I’ve now proved to be persistent. So let’s keep dancing!

Actually, it’s been a bit of a tonic to put down thoughts on my livelihood. If you pay attention to the things that are important everything else will take care of itself.

This has been a year of discovery. A new website, two blogs, Linkedin, Flickr, Friendfeed, Vertical Response and Google Adwords. Tweeting doesn’t fit my style, I don’t have an i-phone. Facebook is really a place I want to watch but not join. All of this stuff is so important if you listen to the noise “out there”.

All of this is about community, but what community?  If we join all of these virtual “clubs” what do we gain?   I send out an  e-mail and hope folks will want to look at my work.  What a great way to market, maybe.  The open rate on my VR is about 25%.  I’ve been told that’s great, but really?  The flood of junk e-mail makes us suspicious of legitimate contact.  That means that we see too much “stuff”.

I guess it boils down to quality versus quantity.  Unfortunately a filter has not been developed to make that call.  So we are left to make those decisions, but there are so many decisions to make that in the long run, we really are missing so many great messages.

I’ll keep it simple.  Let’s get the message out that there is a college or university that is a fit for any high school student who cares about where they want to spend four years.  Let’s show them the heart and soul of that institution.

Here’s to another year of blogging.

Paul O’Mara