Wintertime Blues?

Let’s keep up this winter theme. A lot of valuable and important photography projects can be undertaken while the weather is less than ideal.
I just finished a day shoot that was all interior work. We shot biology labs, business classes, studio art, video editing and dorm life– or if you prefer, residential life. That adds up to a lot of material that does not have to be squeezed into a traditional spring shoot.
It seems that the interior shots can be rushed, although unintentionally, during the “classic” spring shoot. Mostly I think it comes from the urge to take advantage of the fresh look of spring on a campus. Some dorm shots I have  done during “the season” work, but there usually is something more I want to see.
It is a cumulative effect shooting scenario. It’s spring, students have been hunkered down in their dorms. They work with you, but would really rather be outside and it’s usually later in the semester so many deadlines are looming.RC Winter 2009

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with shots of college students in sweaters.  Part of a student’s decision about of where they will ultimately attend college has in some part guided by the climate.  Some actually want to experience some snow!

Paul O’Mara