Reaffirming the Value of Higher Ed. Photography

As a parent who just looked into the rearview mirror to see my daughter waving good-bye in front her dorm, I can now say I know how that feels.  But in all honesty the sadness of her being away has been replaced with pride.  She is thriving, growing and learning. 

The reason I know all of this is because I just returned from a shoot at her school.  As I reviewed the day’s work; environmental portraits for a capital campaign.  I saw the reason for my optimistic reversal of emotion.  All of the kids I photographed are just so comfortable in their skin.  Proof that the right educational fit goes a long way towards starting a college student down a successful path.

This realization has reinforced my belief that showing an institution’s face and letting the images show the distinct personality are what makes a college or university a special place.